Q. What is the length of the Premium Ankor Ropes?

A. Our Ankor Ropes are 8.6" in length and fit most men really well. It's what we found to be the best size since they are not adjustable.

Q. Are these adjustable?

A. Our premium Ankor Ropes are not adjustable. 

Q. What are the Premium Ankor Ropes made of?

A. Our Premium Ankor Ropes are made of genuine leather.

Q. What is the anchor material on the Ankor Ropes?

A. The anchors are made with 304 stainless steel with a high quality polish and plated (gold, silver, or black). 

Q. Where do you ship from?

A. We are based out of Las Vegas, NV. and ship all of our products directly from our warehouse. 

Q. What are your standard Ankor Ropes made out of? 

A. Our standard Ankor Ropes are made of Nylon Rope.

Q. How long do you take to process and ship an order? 

A. We typically ship out within 24 hours. We do not ship out packages on the weekends. 

Q. What if I'm unhappy and want to return my Ankor Rope? 

A. Our goal is to create a quality product and a true fan base for Ankor Ropes. If you are unsatisfied then we will gladly refund you for your purchase. 

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